descriptionColorize text on terminal with ANSI escape sequences
ownerSteven Schubiger
last changeMon, 13 Jun 2022 20:15:59 +0000 (22:15 +0200)
2022-06-13  Steven SchubigerOmit declaration of optind/optarg master
2022-06-12  Steven SchubigerAdd comment that getpwuid() leaks memory
2022-01-02  Steven SchubigerCast argument to unsigned char when invoking to{lower...
2022-01-02  Steven SchubigerCast argument to unsigned char when invoking is*()
2021-12-14  Steven Schubigermain(): amend wording of diagnostic
2021-01-08  Steven SchubigerMakefile: declare readme target as phony
2021-01-08  Steven SchubigerMerge branch 'stack_release_vars'
2020-12-30  Steven Schubigermain(): postpone invoking STACK_FILE(log)
2020-12-30  Steven Schubigerrelease(): strengthen check for equal pointers
2020-12-29  Steven SchubigerGuard against fallthrough in switch statement
2020-12-29  Steven Schubigerrelease(): fix indentation of closing brace
2020-12-29  Steven SchubigerRelease also FILE pointers
2020-12-25  Steven SchubigerStack and release vars
2020-12-17  Steven SchubigerEmit more concise error message when config file does...
2020-06-25  Steven Schubigerdebian/control: update Homepage link
2020-06-22  Steven SchubigerGenerate README.cgit from README
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