2022-06-13  Steven SchubigerOmit declaration of optind/optarg master
2022-06-12  Steven SchubigerAdd comment that getpwuid() leaks memory
2022-01-02  Steven SchubigerCast argument to unsigned char when invoking to{lower...
2022-01-02  Steven SchubigerCast argument to unsigned char when invoking is*()
2021-12-14  Steven Schubigermain(): amend wording of diagnostic
2021-01-08  Steven SchubigerMakefile: declare readme target as phony
2021-01-08  Steven SchubigerMerge branch 'stack_release_vars'
2020-12-30  Steven Schubigermain(): postpone invoking STACK_FILE(log)
2020-12-30  Steven Schubigerrelease(): strengthen check for equal pointers
2020-12-29  Steven SchubigerGuard against fallthrough in switch statement
2020-12-29  Steven Schubigerrelease(): fix indentation of closing brace
2020-12-29  Steven SchubigerRelease also FILE pointers
2020-12-25  Steven SchubigerStack and release vars
2020-12-17  Steven SchubigerEmit more concise error message when config file does...
2020-06-25  Steven Schubigerdebian/control: update Homepage link
2020-06-22  Steven SchubigerGenerate README.cgit from README
2020-06-10  Steven SchubigerMerge multiple vfprintf_fail() calls for --clean[-all]
2020-05-28  Steven SchubigerTest purposeless switches with --clean[-all]
2020-05-12  Steven Schubigermain(): warn for purposeless switches with --clean...
2020-03-28  Steven SchubigerMove conf file path code to a function
2020-03-28  Steven Schubigerprocess_opt_exclude_random(): don't check for non-NULLness
2020-03-26  Steven Schubigerinit_conf_vars(): use explicit format string
2020-03-25  Steven Schubigerassign_conf(): reduce code duplication
2020-03-20  Steven Schubigercolorize 0.65 v0.65
2020-03-20  Steven SchubigerUpdate Debian Standards-Version
2020-03-19  Steven Schubigerdebian/changelog: add log message
2020-03-19  Steven Schubigerdebian/copyright: amend years
2020-03-19  Steven Schubigerdebian/changelog: reword log message
2020-01-21  Steven Schubigerdebian/control: adjust Build-Depends
2020-01-21  Steven Schubigerdebian/control: declare Rules-Requires-Root
2020-01-14  Steven Schubigerdebian/copyright: update link to HTTPS
2020-01-14  Steven SchubigerAdd Debian-Release instruction hints
2019-10-07  Steven Schubigerprocess_opt_exclude_random(): fix typo
2019-09-21  Steven SchubigerFix using color from config with hyphen
2019-09-18  Steven SchubigerSilence -Wimplicit-fallthrough= warning
2019-09-17  Steven Schubigerparse_conf(): minor tweaks
2019-09-13  Steven SchubigerAdd TODO
2019-09-13  Steven SchubigerMerge branch 'config_file'
2019-09-10  Steven SchubigerUpdate plain documentation
2019-09-07  Steven SchubigerMention config file in README
2019-09-01  Steven SchubigerAdd config short option -c
2019-08-30  Steven SchubigerPrint line number when exceeding chars
2019-08-28  Steven SchubigerTest --config
2019-08-27  Steven SchubigerIntroduce --config
2019-08-22  Steven SchubigerDocument config file usage
2019-08-20  Steven SchubigerConst DESC_TYPE
2019-08-18  Steven SchubigerAdd new test files
2019-08-18  Steven SchubigerInvoke new test files
2019-08-18  Steven SchubigerCompile with -DTEST for testing
2019-08-18  Steven SchubigerFirst draft of config file parsing
2019-03-25  Steven SchubigerInclude print_tstamp() under DEBUG only
2019-02-27  Steven SchubigerPrint timestamp at top of debug output
2019-02-24  Steven Schubiger*alloc_wrap_debug(): improve aligning of debug output
2019-02-23  Steven SchubigerMention standard input explicitly in synopsis
2019-02-23  Steven SchubigerAdd examples to man page
2019-02-17  Steven SchubigerWrap size of struct calculating expression
2018-06-13  Steven Schubigercolorize 0.64 v0.64
2018-06-13  Steven SchubigerUpdate Debian Standards-Version
2018-06-13  Steven Schubigerdebian/copyright: amend format URL and years
2018-06-10  Steven Schubigerprint_version(): const version string pointer
2018-05-23  Steven SchubigerConst pointers
2018-04-08  Steven Schubigerprocess_args(): comment color_names[] initialization
2018-03-28  Steven Schubigerread_print_stream(): add comment
2018-03-14  Steven SchubigerOmit superfluous backslash continuation character
2018-02-02  Steven SchubigerMerge branch 'opt_omit_color_empty'
2018-02-01  Steven SchubigerUpdate plain documentation
2018-01-31  Steven SchubigerDocument --omit-color-empty
2018-01-31  Steven SchubigerTest --omit-color-empty
2018-01-28  Steven SchubigerFirst draft of --omit-color-empty
2017-12-20  Steven SchubigerDefine PROGRAM_NAME
2017-12-16  Steven Schubigerhas_color_name(): return true from else branch
2017-12-06  Steven Schubigercolorize 0.63 v0.63
2017-12-06  Steven SchubigerUpdate Debian Standards-Version
2017-12-06  Steven Schubigerdebian/rules: eliminate trailing whitespace
2017-11-04  Steven SchubigerMake strlen() assertions more explicit
2017-10-29  Steven SchubigerSimplify SKIP_LINE_ENDINGS() macro
2017-10-20  Steven SchubigerDocument customizing color separator
2017-10-14  Steven SchubigerUpdate plain documentation
2017-10-12  Steven Schubigerprint_help(): indicate which options require an argument
2017-10-08  Steven SchubigerOmit superfluous quotes
2017-10-08  Steven SchubigerTest substituting 'none' foreground color
2017-10-07  Steven SchubigerAssert after find_color_entry() returns
2017-10-04  Steven SchubigerDefine DEBUG_FILE under DEBUG only
2017-10-01  Steven SchubigerMinor tweaks
2017-09-27  Steven SchubigerAdjust Debian Standards-Version
2017-09-27  Steven SchubigerMerge changelog entries
2017-08-26  Steven SchubigerExtend fixed space of attr[]
2017-08-20  Steven Schubigerprocess_opt_attr(): release var if not prior exited
2017-08-17  Steven Schubigercolorize 0.62 v0.62
2017-08-06  Steven Schubigerprint_help(): omit braces around for loop body
2017-08-04  Steven SchubigerAssert after find_color_entries() returns
2017-08-04  Steven SchubigerMake assertions more explicit
2017-08-02  Steven SchubigerOptimize extracting invalid attribute name
2017-08-01  Steven SchubigerEnhance message if attribute is invalid
2017-07-30  Steven Schubigerdebian/rules: trim down
2017-07-21  Steven SchubigerSet description once for unknown flags
2017-07-16  Steven SchubigerAdapt short description within man page
2017-07-06  Steven Schubigerwrite_attr(): pass struct by reference
2017-06-16  Steven SchubigerMinor tweaks
2017-05-17  Steven SchubigerConst name_len