descriptionDistribute hostnames between clients
ownerSteven Schubiger
last changeMon, 23 Mar 2015 18:35:23 +0000 (19:35 +0100)
2015-03-23  Steven SchubigerMention all copyright years master
2015-01-03  Steven SchubigerTrap module inclusion/import failures
2013-11-19  Steven SchubigerOptimize retrieving session identifier
2013-11-18  Steven SchubigerRecord and list last updated time
2013-09-19  Steven SchubigerMake switches mutually exclusive
2013-09-16  Steven SchubigerUse quotes in option processing error messages
2013-09-15  Steven SchubigerReorder check for missing params
2013-09-15  Steven SchubigerList remote entries
2013-09-03  Steven SchubigerIndicate client/server for error messages
2013-09-01  Steven SchubigerPrefix error message with program name
2013-09-01  Steven SchubigerMove config data to files
2013-05-13  Steven SchubigerFirst draft of documentation
2013-05-09  Steven SchubigerAdd config template files
2013-04-06  Steven SchubigerInitial commit.
7 years ago master