2014-07-15  Steven Schubigerlreminder: improve error messages
2014-03-02  Steven Schubigermake-html: add hackerfunk color
2014-01-16  Steven Schubigerlreminder: use DateTime module for calculations
2014-01-11  Steven Schubigermake-html: update list of colors
2014-01-06  Steven Schubigerlreminder: fix encoding of subject line
2013-07-24  Steven Schubigermake-html: don't possibly import from LUGS::Events...
2013-07-24  Steven Schubigermake-rss: initial commit
2013-07-21  Steven Schubigermake-ical: initial commit
2013-07-21  Steven Schubigermake-html: add testing HTML template
2013-07-21  Steven Schubigermake-html: encode entity
2013-07-19  Steven Schubigermake-html: initial commit
2013-01-31  Steven Schubigerlreminder: initial commit